Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Camp Birchwood!!

Definitely a first for the Marsh family.  The boys have headed north to the Boundary Waters for a two week camp.  It is called Birchwood for Boys and as far as we can tell, they're loving it!

Yup.  You know this is happening.  Pretty sweet pike there, Conner!  Fishing is one of the bigger activities at camp, so Conner is probably one of the instructors by now.

There is also riflery and archery, which we figure is one of Carson's favs.  Not sure this was a safe thing to do as the photographer, but maybe it was a drone camera.  :-)

It is clearly a gorgeous part of the country.  Lots and lots of activities on the water.  We feel pretty sure the boys are well prepared for all of the outdoor and wilderness activities.

They have lots of cool water toys.  It was seven years ago that we visited the girls camp as a family.  Both camps are run by a family with ties to Lawrence.

There are indoor activities too.  Conner is doing leatherwork with what might very well be his grandfather Marsh's tools that we donated to Birchwood.

Couldn't help but smile when we saw this picture.  Carson is playing Mancala with some other campers.  He is very skilled at that game, and regularly beats both parents.

During the first week, the campers went out in groups of four to six for an overnight in the woods.  In the 2nd week, they are scheduled to do a multi-night trip.

There are many rituals at the camp.  Here is a pic of Carson earning his Birchwood touque.  Very Canadian, eh?

More water toys.  There is a chance they struggle to keep Carson away from that trampoline.

And there is a chance they struggle to keep Conner away from the fishing holes.  This group looks like they mean business.

It has been an adjustment to have both parents seperated from both boys.  But we watch the new set of pictures posted each day and love the idea that the boys are having a blast.  Can't wait to hear their stories first hand!!

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Welcoming summer

Happy birthday to Mummy!  Also the last day of the month, so we barely snuck in an entry before June!

So that means it is time for summer.  We had a nice time at Aunt Heather's lake on Memorial Day.  They have a new floating thingie that Daddy and Uncle Ted enjoyed as much as the kiddos.

Nice bass!  Conner is so happy that fishing season has returned.  He is a real fish whisperer, so we expect to offer several more fish pics this summer.  (in fact, wait for it...)

What a sweet ride!  Carson went with Uncle Ted and Daddy to a fancy car show where we all decided this is the car we wanted to take home with us.

A high school friend of Mummy and Daddy's stayed with us while we said goodbye to Bill Fowle.  This picture was taken right after we went with John Fox to a bbq place and took down a huge meal!

Cousin Nate is biking cross country this summer and we got to see him on the first leg of his trip.  Both boys were very impressed with his ride, but their parents were only barely cool with them sitting on it while parked.

Are you kidding me?!  We would have put this picture first but were afraid it would scare you right off the blog.  This monster Carp was caught at Clinton Lake, and is definitely Conner's biggest catch.

Carson for the SIXTH straight year completed 100 miles during the school's marathon club.  They went all out for him this year with multiple tapes he had to break through.  Click on the picture to see his funny expression.  (a little embarrassed by all the attention)

Conner was the Prop King for the school's spring play this year.  You see him propped next to his prop room which he ran with precision. 

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Running and scouting

Hi there!  Spring in KS is a beautiful time.  Here is a picture of Conner's scout troop on one of their monthly campouts.  He was chosen to be Patrol Leader this month!

The rain stopped just long enough for Grandpa to plant hint after hint in their backyard for the boys to find their Easter baskets.  Nice that the CNMs are still willing to hunt for the baskets, but the chocolate may have a lot to do with that...

Meanwhile, back at home, after the boys tore throught the bounty of their other baskets, Smink the Cat chose Conner's basket as her naptime spot.

Carson is rather reluctantly running track this season.  We are surprised that as much as he enjoys Cross Country, even running the 1600 is not high on his joy list.  But he is still powering through it, and came in fourth in the race pictured above.

Conner was on the technical crew for the school play this year.  He kind of got a face full of mermaid tail in this picture, but his obsession with fish made him perfectly comfortable with that.

The cats have a hierarchy of humans they are willing to cuddle with. Mummy is clearly at the top of the list, followed by Conner.  Carson is a distant third and Daddy is at the bottom of the list.

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

March is Marsh month

Ah, spring has sprung!  And then it got cold...Kansas weather at its most predictable!  We didn't get much more snow this winter than what is pictured above.  Not enough sledding!

Oh, and there was some basketball being played.  KU had a historic season, and Daddy took some credit for that, opening the DeBruce Center almost a year ago this month.

Conner was invited by a neighbor to go trout fishing.  Hip waders and everything!  Here he is with his first trout.  It was a super cold day, but that didn't dampen his spirits.

The three CNMs borrowed some kayaks and went on a bit of an adventure to a neighbor's lake house just north of town.  We did secure the boats a little better than what is pictured--promise!

It was a blast.  One day, the winds were so high that we felt like we were braving rapids.  Which was pretty intense since the water was so cold that we would NOT have wanted to tip over!

Of course there was fishing.  Both boys were successful even with the cold water temps.  It was a really fun few days of lake activities during spring break.  Fun overnights too!

As things begin to wake up and bloom in our yard, Conner is proving a talented snake hunter.  The snakes in our yard are harmless, but...they're snakes!!  And several are larger than the one pictured, so a big thank you to Conner from both his parents.

There was definitely some focus on b-ball this month, even though the Jayhawks missed the Final Four.  What a great season, and the family showed great patience with Daddy's increasing focus on the team, and the story of KU b-ball in general.  Happy Spring everyone!!

Friday, February 24, 2017

Winter outdoors

What an unseasonably warm winter we are having!  Usually in Kansas, when you say something like that in late February you get snow in May.  Here is Conner showing off some beaver handywork by the river walk.

We're still enjoying our neighbor's full court backyard b-ball court.  Notice Carson is back to having a tin smile.  Braces on just the top for now.  The boy doesn't have enough mouth for his teeth!

Our paleontologist turned fisherman still loves exploring the great outdoors.  He is very, very ready for the lakes and streams to warm up so the fish will start biting again!

The 6th grade St. John Eagles are a happy bunch.  Their tournament begins this weekend and the team will be defending last season's championship.

Conner will not be pleased that we are blogging pics of him in the bathroom.  But we couldn't resist providing evidence of the cat's devotion to him.  His only wish is that she would refrain from expressing her devotion in the middle of the night as well.

Not sure whether this is an expression of devotion or acrobatics... either way, here is Smink enjoying some laptime with her older brother.

The kitchen counter often doubles as homework HQ.  The boys made honor roll together this past semester and we're hoping they can continue that success to finish out the 16-17 school year.  Spring is just around the corner and we're looking forward to even more outdoor activity!

Wednesday, January 04, 2017

Our 10th Kras Connection NYE

Wow, there has been lots of free time over the holiday break.  With both Mummy and Daddy getting new jobs this year, the boys have had to spend some time at each respective office.  Look closely!

A quick pat on the back for both the Marshes and Parracks for sustaining a 10 year tradition of the Kras Connection New Years.  Here is the first one.  My how they've grown!

Mild weather meant lots of outside time for the fellas.  The Parracks hosted this year, so the boys created a fort in a nearby shed.  Complete with an industrial strength ladder!

Tony wanted to celebrate our 10th Kras Connection party with a trip to iFly.  What an experience!  The boys got two minutes in a skydiving simulator.  Hard to keep perfect balance, but here is Conner with mininal assistance from the instructor.

Both CNMs got big thumbs up from the experts.  They said it was hard to keep their balance, but here is Carson flying solo.

What a group these four make!  The next gathering will likely be at a time when they are all teenagers.  Nazdrovia!

And now that we are starting to celebrate many 10 year anniversaries with these fellas, let's take a quick look at one of the pictures from the blog entry 10 years ago.  What should we call this?  How about The Ten Year Throwback.  

Yes, basketball season has begun.  Carson is playing for his St. John middle school team and he is pictured here with the gameball for the upcoming KU game.  It has been a fun start to 2017, and we hope there are good things to come for our friends and family.